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SparkLabs Taiwan is a Taiwan Focus startup accelerator & VC fund that’s the beachhead for the outside, and a digital transformation catalyst for the inside. We invest in all the startups selected into our accelerator program with our own fund and assist them to go global and secure the next round of funding.

SparkLabs Taiwan is a part of the SparkLabs Group — a global network of startup accelerators and venture capital funds originally founded in Silicon Valley. Since 2018, SparkLabs Taiwan has invested & accelerated 60+ startups, including Just Kitchen (Taiwan’s largest cloud kitchen), ParseMe (Fastest B2B enterprise solutions startup exit in Taiwan), and Influenxio (a micro-influencer marketing platform invested by DCM Ventures).

We believe in “Global From Day One”

Taiwan is an island full of seasoned innovators, top-tier technology resources, and countless talents with a can-do spirit. Yet, the local resources aren’t ready to support a global vision. We believe that in order to solve the world’s toughest problems with significant scale and sustainable impact, it is crucial for a business model to be embedded with a global mindset from day one - this is why we are looking for startups that want to be international from the very beginning.

We run a 3-month Accelerator Program for startups and host the biggest demo day in Taiwan

At SparkLabs Taiwan, we run a 3-month accelerator program for seed to early-stage startups that have the potential to expand globally. The resources we provide include 1:1 coaching, world-class mentors, access to business opportunities, and the largest Demo Day in Taiwan to connect to investors.
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Our Collaboration with Corporates

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Corporate Accelerator Program
For corporates that aspire to fund and run an internal or external accelerator program, we have extensive know-how in running an accelerator, and can work as a strategic partner by providing the resources needed to succeed.
Corporate Innovation Solutions
For corporates that look for innovative solutions to address internal challenges and facilitate digital transformation, we can connect you with startups that offer solutions to address some of your most challenging issues and act as a bridge to ensure smooth communication and project flow.
Startup Ecosystem Partnership
For corporates that would like to approach and acquire startup companies as customers, we can work together to create a tailored plan to introduce your product or service to our network.
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Our Global Network

We believe business today is truly global, and that exceptional entrepreneurs building strong and category-defining companies at highly advantageous valuations can be found anywhere.

From global funds to accelerators, the global SparkLabs network covers more than 10 different countries and extends to a wide range of industry domains.
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