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CORE Program

Master Class x Terry Hsiao

CORE Program

SparkLabs Taiwan is back with more global resources to foster innovation among startup founders! We’re thrilled to partner again with Terry Hsiao, a renowned entrepreneur with “20 Years of Overseas Entrepreneurship” and “Acquisition Exit Experience.” Upholding the value of “Entrepreneurs growing Entrepreneurs,” Terry will lead the “CORE Program - Entrepreneurship Essentials Weekly Course” in collaboration with SparkLabs Taiwan, providing a series of lectures to equip Taiwanese startup founders with essential skills.The curriculum is meticulously designed to comprehensively explore eight topics through immersive discussions and real case studies, and additional one-on-one sessions with Terry are provided to offer personalized advice and insights.If you’re a budding entrepreneur or “wantrepreneur,” seize the chance to unlock the secrets to entrepreneurial success and navigate the startup world effectively!

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Registration Deadline

September 24, 2023

Program Kickoff

October 3, 2023

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CORE Program Highlight

Learn Directly from Successful Entrepreneur
Apply Systemic and Critical Thinking on Core Entrepreneurship Concepts
Acquire the Foundations of Building New Businesses
Nurture Innovative Thinking and Mindset
Cultivate Entrepreneurial Spirit and Global Perspective
1-on-1 Consultations with Terry Hsiao
Real Case Studies and Discussions
Collective Learning Community
Interact Directly with Professional Investors
Open to Participation from Overseas and All Regions of Taiwan

Common Challenges

1. It's challenging for enterprises to implement internal innovation and development.
2. Training talents with innovative thinking is difficult, and there is a lack of systematic courses in the market.
3. It's hard to find good talents for innovation and entrepreneurship.
4. It's more difficult to assess promising investment targets to increase non-operating income.
5. It's challenging to discern good companies and opportunities when choosing to collaborate with startups.

1. Expanding into overseas markets and connecting with overseas resources is not easy.
2. Learning from successful entrepreneurs with a track record of consecutive successes abroad.
3. Familiarity with all aspects of entrepreneurship and key considerations.
4. Finding talented individuals and entrepreneurial partners to work together towards a common goal.

Program Overview

This course will be taught by serial entrepreneur Terry Hsiao, who possesses hands-on experience building startups from scratch, scaling from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 1,000, and leading to successful exits. He will systematically share insights on entrepreneurial and innovative thinking across various dimensions, including business model assessment, user acquisition and growth, competitor analysis, product pricing, storytelling, and investor relationships.Interactive discussions and collaborative learning are incorporated to foster collective growth in a diverse learning community and cultivate innovative thinking early on, which can be applied to both personal and professional aspects.If you have inquiries about propelling your own new ventures, projects, or ideas, you can take advantage of one-on-one consultations with Terry to receive tailored advice.

Course Schedule

* The course is suitable for people from different cities to participate. *

2023.10.03 - 2023.12.03 (2 months courses)
Onsite Course (at Taiwan Tech Arena ):
10/3(Tue.) 18:00-21:30
12/3(Sun.) 15:00-18:00

Online Course : Tuesday 20:00 - 21:15 (GMT+8)

      Who is suitable to participate?

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      • Nurture talents with innovative thinking and global perspective.


      • Learn from entrepreneurial predecessors, reflect on and scrutinize core entrepreneurial concepts, avoid unnecessary detours, and expand further into the United States.


      • Gain an early understanding of crucial entrepreneurial aspects, develop practical thinking, and build a professional network.


      • Learn from a successful entrepreneur directly and apply practical learning to daily life and work.
      Week 1: 10/3 (Tue.) Onsite
      Week 2: 10/17 (Tue.) Online
      Week 3: 10/24 (Tue.) Online
      Week 4: 10/31 (Tue.) Online
      Week 5: 11/7 (Tue.) Online
      Week 6: 11/14 (Tue.) Online
      Week 7: 11/21 (Tue.) Online
      Week 8: 12/3 (Sun.) Onsite

      First CORE Program Featured Video

      First CORE Program Student’s Feedback

      Powered by CyCraft Co-Founder Benson

      This is the first formal entrepreneurship course I’ve ever taken. I was attracted to sign up for the CORE program because I’ve never seen an instructor who has actually been a successful entrepreneur offering a course before. What I appreciate most about the course is that it focuses more on WHY rather than HOW, allowing us to understand the underlying principles and reasoning behind concepts through case studies. Additionally, it was only after completing the course that I truly grasped what an 'Unfair Advantage' means. Now, when running a company, I always base my thinking on that.

      Coolso Founder Jack

      "I joined the course because I knew Terry is a seasoned practitioner and I was curious if 'entrepreneurship can be taught.' The course is mostly based on Terry’s firsthand experiences and practical observations. It's not only convincing but also provides different perspectives and feedback for participants of different types and stages when asking questions. Learning from experienced entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial journey can save a lot of unnecessary detours or move forward more wisely. I highly recommend startups to join and gain valuable connections and resources."

      Johnson & Johnson Senior Sales Leslie

      "The greatest takeaway was learning how to transform a good idea into a product or service, addressing the needs of the target users. This involved processes like product design, market validation, and scaling, etc, and ultimately leading to a market-recognized and sustainable profit-generating product. For me, entrepreneurial thinking represents a more systematic and nuanced form of business thinking that can be applied even within a corporate context. Considering the quality of content, the course fee is indeed very reasonable."

      膳立德 Founder Ted

      I think the three things early-stage entrepreneurs lack the most are a good team, resources, and networks. I met many good friends and early-stage entrepreneurs by participating in the CORE program. The discussions and networking with my classmates in and out of class have greatly helped my personal growth.

      Engsight-Lab Co-Founder Catherine

      I didn’t have much concept of valuation before participating in the CORE program. During the program, Terry taught us how to create and set prices, as well as how to choose a reasonable range in terms of market segmentation. He also provided many practical tools that allow us to assess whether our ideas align with the perspectives of overseas investors.

      Apply for CORE Program

      Registration Deadline

      September 24, 2023

      Program Kickoff

      October 3, 2023

      Apply Now


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