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SparkLabs Taiwan is a VC and an accelerator. We invest in every startup selected into our accelerator program. Since 2018, we have invested in and accelerated over 60 startups across various industry sectors, and have 2 alumni achieved successful exits.

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3-Month Accelerator Program

At SparkLabs Taiwan, we run a 3-month accelerator program for early-stage startups that have the potential to expand globally. The program is offered twice a year with a mission to help startups succeed globally, and even more specifically, to secure the next round of funding.

Investment Preference

We have all witnessed information explosion caused by the rise of mobile devices, sensors, and other connected devices in the past decade. Along with this rapidly generated data comes even more sophisticated data analyses that lead to new insights, optimized business decisions, better initiatives, and then again, more data is generated.

We invest in startups that utilize valuable data to study customers’, both individuals and businesses, behaviors across every facet of daily life and operations. ​We are excited to understand how data is collected and analyzed by your company, and how this helps you make business decisions that lead to accelerated growth.
Taiwan is an island full of seasoned innovators, top-tier technological resources, and talent with a can-do spirit; yet, local resources are not enough to support a global vision. We believe that in order to solve the world’s most challenging problems with significant scale and sustainable impact, a global mindset must be embedded within the startup’s business model from day one - this is why we are looking for startups that aim to expand to international markets from the very beginning.

solving real problems


ready for global expansion


from pre-seed to series A

Why Join Us ?

US$ 100K+ Investment & Abundant Resources

Hands-on sessions led by industry experts
Comprehensive network around the globe
Global VC & accelerator network
Access to extensive resources & opportunities
Pitching & connecting to strategic investors
in exchange for up to 7% of equity

Program Overview

The 3-month SparkLabs Taiwan Accelerator Program covers critical topics ranging from Product Development and Iteration, Business Expansion, Corporate Governance, to Fundraising Planning.

At the beginning of our program, we sit down with each startup to set and align on the primary goals that we will work together to achieve in the next three months. During the program, we host regular trainings and 1:1 office hours to help startups succeed.

At the same time, we will match each startup with mentors who bring expertise across industries and geographies. On top of that, we connect startups with key business clients and partners along the way. Startups will also get exclusive access to our invaluable investors and business partner network at SparkLabs events and DemoDay!
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Week 6-7
Corporate Governance
Week 8-12

World-class Mentors

SparkLabs Taiwan is very grateful to be supported by countless mentors that have a generous giving spirit. Our pool of mentors is constituted by successful entrepreneurs and senior executives at multinational corporations with experience in diverse verticals, functions, and geographies. With their guidance and coaching, you will be able to expand your team, market, and business faster.
Check Out Our Mentor List
Atsushi Takahashi
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking
Senior Manager
Charles Tsai
Cytena Bioprocess Solutions
Chih-Han Yu
Co-Founder & CEO
Jeff Kuo
Co-founder & CEO
Joey Chung
The News Lens
Co-Founder & CEO
John Ihm
Co-founder and Director
Kai Huang
RedOctane (Guitar Hero)
Kevin Lin
Michael Karbouris
7th Floor Ventures
Founder & CEO
Ray Wu
Ji-Haw Industrial Co. Ltd.
Chief Strategy Officer
Shota Kikuoka
Work Capital Inc.
Founder & CEO
Ted Huang
Innovation Hubs & partnerships, A.Catalyst Network, AstraZeneca International
Associate Director
Wretch Chien
AME Cloud Ventures

Global Network

SparkLabs Group is a network of startup accelerators and venture capital funds that has invested in over 350 startups across 6 continents since 2013. We are innovation ecosystem builders that help local startups go global.

When you join SparkLabs Taiwan, you automatically become a part of the SparkLabs Global Network and can gain access to international resources and expert knowledge from the various markets where you plan to expand your business.
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Business Partners

Our extensive business partner network provides a wide range of resources including professional services and business opportunities to support our portfolio companies on product building, company management, and traction boosting. Below are some of our industry-leading strategic partners, and there are many more of them to be discovered based on your specific needs.

Largest DemoDay

SparkLabs Taiwan DemoDay is a grand occasion that is designed and built for our startup founders to showcase their product and company. Founders will have 6 minutes to pitch their visions to the hundreds of investors and corporate executives in the audience. In addition, our DemoDay will feature world-renowned thought leaders to explore new and emerging startup trends for Fireside Chats.
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Lasting Relationship

Our relationship does not stop on DemoDay. After the 3-month accelerator program, you become an alumnus of SparkLabs Family and will continue to enjoy our support and resources.






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Alumni Testimonials

Allan Ko

Co-Founder & CEO, Influenxio

"While I have domain knowledge in marketing, I didn't know enough about operations and fundraising as a first-time founder. Founders receive tons of advice from all sorts of people around them, but I know the information and knowledge I get from SparkLabs Taiwan is pre-screened for my specific needs and of good quality. I have gained a lot of useful and critical fundraising skills from SparkLabs Taiwan."

Jason Chen

Co-Founder, CEO, President and Director, Just Kitchen

“We are experts in the culinary and food supply chain industry, but needed improvements on the technology aspect, and that’s where SparkLabs Taiwan came into the picture. Edgar is very passionate, encouraging, and willing to go out of his way to understand what we need and provide a solution for us."

Duncan Huang

Co-Founder & CEO, Yallvend

“After joining SparkLabs Taiwan, we felt very much inspired and got to expand our imagination. We learned that our original product concept can actually be used in a much wider range of scenarios. We believe there are a lot more new market opportunities that can be captured in the future."

Kim Chang

Co-Founder & CEO, SmartTag

“Before joining SparkLabs Taiwan, we were not fully familiar with the startup ecosystem and fundraising environment. As we went through the program, we have made significant progress in terms of experience, knowledge, and business connections. We feel much more ready to move on to the next stage."

Wenyu Chen

Co-Founder & CEO, InfinitiesSoft Solutions

“The SparkLabs Taiwan Team not only offered professional knowledge but also took a very hands-on approach to co-work with us. We felt that we got an entire group of new team members to work towards our goals collaboratively, and we became very close friends and supported each other."

Success Stories

Just Kitchen is a cloud kitchen company integrating central kitchens, delivery-only brands, and delivery services. The management team has extensive experience in both the F&B industry and capital markets. SparkLabs Taiwan is the first institutional investor of Just Kitchen. SparkLabs Taiwan has continuously served as Just Kitchen’s thought partner on forming business models and market expansion plans, and has introduced several strategic partners to Just Kitchen. In the second quarter of 2021, Just Kitchen went public in Canada, Germany, and the United States. As of the second quarter of 2022, Just Kitchen has expanded from Taiwan to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
ParseMe specializes in enterprise data processing and compression technology. The company was founded by Henry Hu, an information security expert with more than 20 years of experience. SparkLabs Taiwan was the first institutional investor of ParseMe and had many in-depth discussions on business development strategy and fundraising with its team during the accelerator program. In the second quarter of 2021, ParseMe was acquired by Gemini Data, a silicon valley-based startup invested by SYSTEX, setting the record of the fastest B2B enterprise software startup exit in Taiwan.

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