Arthur Tu

LearnBop Inc

Chief Technology Officer

Arthur was co-founder and CTO/Product Lead of LearnBop Inc, an educational technology company that provides automated tutoring systems for mathematics (acquired by K12 Inc. in 2014).

Arthur was also co-founder and Product Architect at Elemental Path, the NYC-based tech startup that created AI-powered conversational smart toy line Cognitoys.

Arthur is a DreamIt NYC '11 Alum, as well as a mentor at DreamIt Ventures, StartEd, SparkLabs Taipei, Lair East Labs, NYC BigApps, Startup Weekend, iMentor and TrepCamp.

Arthur was a former research associate at Carnegie Mellon's Human-computer Interaction institute and LearnLab. Arthur holds a M.S in Logic and Computation, and a B.S in Computer Science and Philosophy from Carnegie Mellon.