May Su

CTBC Financial Holding Group

Head of Digital Finance Division

May has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry, her experience spans across branding, marketing, PR, products, CRM, e-products, data-mining, etc.

At her current role as head of Digital Finance Division, May is responsible for constantly challenging the existing ways of banking and bringing innovations to better serve CTBC customers. Some of the more recent innovations include utilizing “eyeball tracking” technology to enhance the functionality and user experience of CTBC e-banking site, rolling out cardless ATMs with finger vein technology and several blockchain-related products and awards.

In her earlier years with CTBC, May helped introduce “event based marketing” model which increased marketing efficiency through 66 event marketing activities. May was also in charge of the “We Are Family” branding campaign and rolled out Taipei 101 co-branded credit card, which generated the highest spending per active card.