Wesley Kuo

Ubitus Inc. & i@solution

Founder & CEO

Wesley Kuo is a serial entrepreneur. He founded i@soluiton Inc in 2000, covering 40% market share of Java phone market with world-leading J2ME tech solution in Asia region. Japan-listed company Aplix (T.3727) merged i@solution with USD 70 Million in 2004. Later, he served as the president and board member of Aplix group to lead global business and conclude all tier-one handset manufacturers deals including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc. from 2004 to 2007. Wesley found Ubitus Inc. in 2007, focusing on interactive streaming and GPU cloud virtualization technology. He led strategic investments from NTT docomo Venture and Samsung Venture. Ubitus now owns the world-leading N-screen cloud gaming platform and is building up new GPU cloud business with AI/machine learning capability. Proven game cloud partnership record with Google, Nintendo, NTT docomo, NVIDIA, AMD, Alibaba, and Samsung. Wesley earned a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University and has dedicated his career in cloud computing, GPU virtualization and interactive streaming areas for years.