Charles Tsai

Cytena Bioprocess Solutions


Dr. Cheng-Han(Charles) Tsai was trained in thefield of Microfluidics and Engineering, Dr. Tsai received his Ph.D. inMicrosystem Engineering from IMTEK, Freiburg University in Germany, underProfessor Roland Zengerle’s guidance. During the final year of his accelerated3 year Ph.D. in 2018, he was appointed innovation manager at Cytena GmbH, aGerman biotech startup (later acquired and now a subsidiary of BICO). Duringwhich, he filed two patents and began commercializing his doctoral research.With his unique connections in both Germany and Taiwan, Dr. Tsai bridged theresources from both countries and founded his own biotech company - CytenaBioprocess Solutions, in Taiwan, in Dec 2018. Since then, his company hassuccessfully raised more than 7 million USD in 3 years with investors from bothEU and Taiwan. The company focuses on the development of a novelmicrobioreactor technology to accelerate the biological drug developmentprocess for pharmaceuticals company. The products have been sold worldwide,including leading pharma and biotech companies such as MIT, National Resilience,AstraZeneca and Lonza.