Ray Wu

Ji-Haw Industrial Co. Ltd.

Chief Strategy Officer

Ray Wu currently holds the position of Chief Strategy Officer at Ji-Haw Industrial Co. Ltd., bringing with him a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and corporate management. With a background in serving at the world's highest-valued AI startup company, Ray dedicated 7 years to assisting in managing strategic projects within the CEO's office and the Taiwan Branch, culminating in the company's successful IPO. Furthermore, Ray has a proven track record of founding startups and navigating successful exits, which further enhances his expertise in the field.‍

With a solid foundation in AI and a committed focus on driving Ji-Haw Industrial Co. Ltd.'s AI digital transformation, Ray is enthusiastic about sharing insights and expertise with fellow entrepreneurs, particularly in the realms of AI strategy and go-to-market strategies. For those seeking advice or collaboration opportunities in the AI space, Ray invites you to connect. He eagerly anticipates exploring innovative possibilities together and supporting your entrepreneurial endeavors in reaching new heights.