John Ihm


Co-founder and Director

John Ihm is a co-founder and director of Addventures, an accelerator firm in Seoul, Korea. He co-founded the firm in 2021, which accelerates and invests in early-stage startups ranging from AI to bio-tech. He also co-founded Innonep, a Korean startup that researches and develops carbon capture technology. Previously, he worked at Coupang, the number one e-commerce company in Korea. As a member in the Policy & Strategy Department, he performed research in connection with the reformation of laws and regulations of Korea that hinder growth of new innovative business sectors, establishing business strategies to minimize the regulatory risks for the company. His team worked and communicated closely with the regulatory authorities of the Korean Government and played an important role in Coupang’s successful IPO at NYSE. John received his Bachelor of Law degree from Seoul National University and later received a SJD degree from Northwestern University School of Law. He is currently pursuing a Global MBA at National Taiwan University.